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Ultrapure Water

Ultrapure is the word used to describe water that that meets strict limits on many or all of the following: biological organisms (such as pyrogens, bacteria or viruses), organic carbon, dissolved and suspended solids, and dissolved gases. Ultra pure water is typically required in electronics, optical, and pharmaceutical manufacturing processes.

Ultrapure water is also used in dialysis, research, and medical applications. Water must meet strict purity standards in order to be considered ultrapure. Ultrapure water standards are established and published by several standards-setting organizations, such as: AAMI, USP, ASTM, ANSI, CAP, ISO 3696, and NCCLS.

The ASTM, NCCLS, and ISO 3696 classify purified water as Type I, Type II, or Type III, with Type III being the least purified and Type I being the most pure water. All of these organizations have very similar parameters for classifying purified water into these three types. The purpose of classifying pure water into different types is to ensure that the right purity level is achieved for specific applications. Some lab and medical processes require higher-grade water purity than others do; thus these classifications were developed to ensure that the right water purification level is used for any given application.

WaterProfessionals® has been engineering and installing ultrapure water systems for many years, and can design an efficient system producing exactly the correct type of ultrapure water needed for your application.

The very stringent requirements of these standards (often with limits in the parts per million or even parts per billion) can challenge the available water treatment technologies. Proper selection and design requires thorough knowledge of the raw water characteristics, as well as the exact specification to be met. Sample collection methods may be exotic to avoid introducing contamination during sample collection and handling. Validation may be required, which includes thorough documentation with detailed traceability of each component in the treatment system, as well as its operation and maintenance.

The WaterProfessionals® have over 33 years experience designing, specifying, building, and maintaining Ultrapure systems. We will work with you in creating a custom water treatment solution to meet your needs, and an on-going service plan to totally or partially maintain your system.

In addition to producing different water purity levels, our ultrapure water systems can be customized to accommodate various flow rates. Furthermore, many of our ultrapure systems allow regular monitoring and maintenance, without the need to take the system completely offline.

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