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Water Treatment Pilot Testing

 Pilot Test Reverse Osmosis

Sometimes there are distinct advantages to running a two week to a six month trial of small scale equipment to collect data and document the performance of the water treatment services proposed for full scale implementation.

This is particularly true when water contaminants change because of production variables, season, process upsets, and similar. Waste streams in particular nearly always exhibit significant variability and are difficult to model, thus making the data collected in a trial critical.

Such data can also help build confidence for operations personnel faced with a new technology (e.g., using reverse osmosis for boiler feedwater in lieu of ion exchange demineralization; membrane degasification in lieu of conventional degassifier).

The WaterProfessionals® can design and provide pilot testing equipment for most water treatment programs in flows from 5 gpm and up, allowing our clients to test new processes or technologies at minimal risk and expense. Sample collection and analysis can be carried by WaterProfessionals® personnel or client employees or shared between the two. A professional report summarizing data and conclusions is included as part of all pilot tests.