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Operational Maintenance Surveys

Operational Maintenance of Water & Wastewater Treatment Systems


In some cases, facility maintenance personnel take care of routine day-to-day service and operational maintenance needs of water and wastewater treatment systems but may not have the time or the skill set to thoroughly evaluate system operation vs. design specifications.

Turnover or transfer of facility personnel can result in preventative maintenance programs receiving inadequate attention, resulting in expensive downtime and costly repairs. The operational - maintenance survey, typically conducted monthly, quarterly or semi-annually, assures the system is thoroughly evaluated by a qualified water treatment professional on a periodic basis.


An experienced WaterProfessionals® technician conducts a walkthrough of the water and/or wastewater treatment system following a customized checklist while examining each component, recording all pertinent operational data and noting any operational or maintenance deficiencies. Ideally, during the walkthrough, he is accompanied by a facility equipment operator and / or maintenance person. Following the visit, a report is completed and forwarded electronically to management. Deficiencies and corrective action are spelled out.


  1. Minimal cost - since parts and labor for repairs are not included, the survey cost is predictable and affordable.
  2. Minimal Downtime – by identifying factors that could lead to incipient failure, preventative action can be taken, thus minimizing unexpected downtime.
  3. Flexible - if deficiencies are noted, a decision can be made on a case-by-case basis to handle in-house or to engage the WaterProfessionals® to effect repairs.
  4. Continuity - if operators leave or are transferred, the continuity of system operation and maintenance is maintained.
  5. Training - if the operator or assigned maintenance person accompanies the WaterProfessionals® Service Tech, on-going training in system operation and maintenance is achieved.