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From River to Ultrapure Water Quality

Category: Process
Need: High purity water
Customer: Fortune 100 paper manufacturer
Challenge: Provide consistently high purity water from highly variable river source.

The process required consistently high purity water without interruption. The water is critical and failure of the system could cause equipment damage costing millions of dollars. The water source is a river with constantly changing chemical and physical characteristics. Originally a deionizer was specified, but the varying raw water quality, cost of regeneration and propensity for service interruption were causes for concern.

The WaterProfessionals® worked with consulting and customer engineers to design custom pretreatment and a double pass reverse osmosis industrial water system followed by service deionizers for an ultrapure quality water treatment system. The RO machine is equipped with duplex pumps and has the ability to run with both passes in series (design basis) or, in case of pump failure or during membrane cleaning, each can operate separately as a single pass. In the highly unlikely event of total machine failure, the process will continue to operate utilizing the pretreatment and the portable service mixed bed deionizers.

The WaterProfessionals® provide service deionizer exchange and customer training and service to insure the water requirements of this critical process are met 24 hours per day, 7 days per week.