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Wastewater Reclaim, Recycling and Reuse

A good wastewater reclaim program can bring new life to industrial wastewater. Today, wastewater that would otherwise be discarded can now be reclaimed, reused and recycled with the help of modern water purification technologies.

Environmental Benefits of Wastewater Reclamation

With growing concerns over freshwater shortages, efforts aimed at wastewater reuse and industrial wastewater recycling are more important than ever. Using modern water treatment technologies, harmful contaminants that previously made industrial wastewater unfit for reuse can now be stripped out, making the water perfectly safe for reuse in a variety of industrial applications. This process is known as wastewater reclaim or recycling.

Removing contaminants from wastewater and reusing it, rather than just discarding it, helps to minimize the overall amount of fresh water diverted for industrial use and reduce costs.

Wastewater Recycling Applications

Treated and reclaimed wastewater may be reused in a variety of applications, including as boiler feedwater and cooling tower make-up water. Wastewater reclaim may also be effectively incorporated into a number of processes including: plating, washing, rinsing, painting or even fire-suppression systems.

Recycling wastewater used in a refinery's cooling towers can provide an immediate and positive benefit, potentially reducing overall cost. Utilization of appropriate pre-treatment followed by high pressure reverse osmosis can remove “produced water” from oil well production resulting in water pure enough for re-use or discharge.

In the powder coating industry, finishing processes require a lot of water. With modern microfiltration methods it is now possible to reclaim this wastewater. Water – based painting operations produce significant volumes of wastewater which can be successfully treated for re-use.

Wastewater Reclaim Technologies

Even the most challenging of wastewater reclamation issues can be solved with the right technology and our professional expertise. Whether you're dealing with gray water or wastewater deriving from oil and natural gas production, modern wastewater treatment technology can make wastewater reclamation and wastewater reuse a reality in almost any industry.

Through the use of revolutionary industrial water purification methods, such as ultrafiltration followed by high-pressure reverse osmosis and deionization, it may be possible to implement a wastewater recycling system that reclaims more than 90% of post-process water for reuse.

Highly efficient wastewater reclaim systems initially filter the wastewater, returning the water to useable condition. The reclaimed wastewater is further separated to capture the many contaminants in the water. Sometimes certain contaminants can be reclaimed, reused, or sold on secondary markets, thus further reducing costs. A properly executed plan by WaterProfessionals®, a wastewater reclaim system may reclaim up to 90% of water for reuse.

WaterProfessionals® can develop a wastewater reclaim system for your application, after we have performed a complete review of your existing facility, to determine the most effective methods to reclaim wastewater and recapture valuable dollars.

Reclaiming Valuable Chemicals

Not only does wastewater reclaim save money by allowing industrial water to be purified and reused, but methods similar to those used in wastewater reclamation can also be used can also be used to reclaim important or expensive chemicals that would otherwise be lost in the wastewater and / or save energy by recovering heated water instead of discharging it.

The same technologies used in wastewater recycling can be used to isolate, concentrate, and separate chemicals from water. The benefit from removing these chemicals is twofold: the business or industry gets to keep more of their raw materials, reducing costs; and the wastewater is somewhat more pure and will be easier on the environment when disposed of.

Determining feasibility of reclaiming a specific wastewater follows several steps:

  1. Perform a detailed analysis of the wastewater.
  2. Perform lab-scale treatability to identify appropriate treatment technologies and develop a budget estimate of capital and operating costs.
  3. Conduct laboratory or field-scale pilot testing to confirm laboratory findings.
  4. Firm up budget cost into a firm quotation.

WaterProfessionals® has a highly trained staff to help find the most affordable and effective wastewater reclaim and wastewater treatment options for your business. Contact us today!