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Trailer-Mounted RO-55 gpm

Trailer Mounted Reverse Osmosis System

Category: Process Water
Need: Deionized Water
Customer: Metal Manufacturing Plant
Challenge: To reduce the costs associated with the demineralization and deionization of municipal water at 55 gallons per minute (GPM) and eliminate the need to move mobile service deionization trailers in and out of the facility.

This industry leader's mantra has been to innovate while also intensely cutting costs. Plant managers looked to save "nickels and dimes" with their water treatment process. An existing vendor provided mobile deionization and demineralization through off-site service deionization, also known as SDI. Alongside reduced costs, the project engineer was also looking to reduce problems associated with SDI trailers being repeatedly moved in and out of the plant's operating area.

WaterProfessionals® demonstrated a quasi-permanent, trailer-mounted reverse osmosis system that met the 55 gpm flow, as well as the necessary quality goals. The project engineer elected to outsource the management, operation and service of this RO system to WaterProfessionals®. We designed, built, delivered, and installed the RO system. Since WaterProfessionals® maintains ownership of the system, the customer wasn't required to make a large upfront capital investment, and realized immediate savings in water treatment costs, while also eliminating the troublesome movement of SDI trailers in and out of the plant.