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Softening-700 gpm

Category: Process
Need: Water Softening
Customer: Fortune 100 Primary Metals Manufacturer
Challenge: Reduce cost for softening 35 to 700 gpm municipal water

A project engineer is asked to reduce cost of softening a process water stream. Water softening currently provided by mobile-exchange trailers, regenerated by off-site vendor. The WaterProfessionals® furnish detailed projections of softener backwash to satisfy concerns of the environmental department about discharge to municipal sewer. The engineer chooses to outsource the water treatment.

The WaterProfessionals® specify, build, deliver, install, own and operate a semi-permanent, trailer-mounted system. A PLC-controlled, multi-vessel system is used to meet the rapidly fluctuating flow requirements between 35 and 700 gpm while providing water consistently below 3 parts per million of hardness. The plant realizes immediate savings without investment of capital and eliminates all involvement of plant personnel in system operation.