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service deionization


Ion exchange demineralization of water is frequently accomplished by in-plant deionizers, which automatically regenerate on a pre-set frequency, consuming acid and caustic and discharging a waste stream containing high concentrations of the acid and caustic.  These systems are expensive to purchase and are very maintenance-intensive.

Service Deionization, also referred to as "Portable Exchange Deionization", uses tanks containing deionization resin plumbed into your process with flexible connectors and exchanged upon exhaustion by tanks regenerated at a WaterProfessionals® Service Center.

Advantages of Service Deionization include:

  • No chemicals or hazardous waste; no frequent OSHA-required hazardous chemical training, no diking or other special containment, no waste treatment.
  • Elimination of maintenance costs.  The WaterProfessionals® exchange exhausted tanks as required.
  • No capital investment.  You pay per tank exchange or per 1000 gallons of demineralized water consumed – your choice.
  • Flexibility to meet varying flow requirements and water quality. Flows from 0.5 gpm to 500 gpm and quality from 50,000 ohm-cm to 18,000,000 ohm-cm.
  • Temporary, emergency response – the WaterProfessionals® can deliver and install tanks within a 500 mile radius of a Service Center within 24 hours or less or dispatch trailers capable of flowing 250 gpm each in a matter of six hours or less.
  • Metals recovery / Waste Treatment – this technology is often used to remove heavy metals from waste streams to meet NPDES or other discharge permit requirements.  Tanks are regenerated by a licensed resource recovery facility and the recovered metals sold for recycling.
  • Outsourcing – many companies choose this option as a long-term solution for their demineralized water requirements.

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