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Wastewater Treatment

Wastewater treatment is the process of treating wastewater prior to discharge into to a stream or municipal sewer. Wastewater is frequently required to be treated in order to meet set standards for levels of dissolved or suspended contaminants.

Wastewater treatment processes, methods or technologies that worked in the past may not meet today's more stringent contaminant restrictions set forth by the NPDES or POTW. Today, wastewater treatment operations typically employ multi-stage water treatment systems to remove suspended solids, BOD (biological oxygen demand), COD (chemical oxygen demand), coloring agents, heavy metals, greases and oils.

Water costs and water shortage are also pushing many industries to look at wastewater recovery, treatment, and recycling. Keeping heated water from being dumped down the drain in order to alleviate rising energy costs has become an important part of wastewater recycling efforts.

The WaterProfessionals® have developed solutions for industrial wastewater problems using a wide variety of wastewater treatment technologies. We have the experience and knowledge to produce custom wastewater treatment systems, from chemicals to equipment, for a variety of applications. Our team has decades of experience utilizing cutting-edge technology to find solutions for our clients’ wastewater treatment challenges.

WaterProfessionals® offers wastewater treatment consulting, equipment, and chemicals for all industrial and commercial applications. We will work with you in developing a custom wastewater treatment process to meet your needs. The project typically starts with a laboratory bench-scale treatability study of a representative sample. Analytical results are compared to the regulatory discharge limits and / or your specifications for reuse. Since wastewater varies continuously in most operations, we may recommend that the proposed solution be confirmed with a small-scale trial.

We have trial wastewater treatment systems ranging from under one gallon per minute to several hundred, depending on the proposed technologies. Please review our case studies which illustrate our experience in meeting process water needs like yours.

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