Industrial Water Services
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Custom Industrial Water Filtration Solutions

The WaterProfessionals® work with you from problem analysis to complete testing, startup, system monitoring and follow-up service. Specializing in custom-engineered industrial water purification solutions using pumps, valves, and controls currently inventoried and supported by your staff, the WaterProfessionals® adapt to your needs for a custom solution that uses your standards – not our "standard product". We do NOT try to force a standard product on you.

Benefits of Customized Industrial Water Treatment Solutions

WaterProfessionals® will carefully design the best water treatment solution based upon your specifications to match the quantity required for your business and systems. We provide process water to satisfy a variety of manufacturing needs, such as rinsing, plating, spraying, coating, cooling and washing. Our expertise in a wide variety of applications can help to define the specific solution to your water-related issues. Many of our customers choose to outsource water purification to WaterProfessionls® so that cost is a measurable "water by the gallon" rate. We are experts in industrial water and understand that the layout of the equipment must facilitate routine monitoring and maintenance of the system.

What We Offer

  1. Call and you talk to a person every time! No automated phone attendant.
  2. Flat organization; our industrial sales people report directly to the President.
  3. Flexibility.
  4. Ownership options.
  5. Test our solutions before you invest.
  6. 37 years of problem solving experience
  7. Customer agreements that are "short stories", not "novels!"
  8. Our only business is water treatment equipment; our entire organization is dedicated to this service. Ours is not a lone water treatment group buried deeply in a huge conglomerate comprised of non-related business.
  9. 24/7 service.

What It Means To You

  1. Quickly put in touch with someone who can provide information you need or answer your question(s).
  2. Accountability for our actions and commitments to you. No bureaucracy for anyone to hide inside.
  3. We provide custom solutions to meet your needs. We don't try to convince you that our "standard product" is best for you because we can't offer anything else (e.g. you specify valves, PLC., instrumentation).
  4. We offer outright purchase, lease purchase, own operate and rental options.
  5. Pilot equipment available in reverse osmosis and deionization options from 5 to 500 gpm; 5-100 gpm for most other technologies.
  6. We've probably solved similar problems to yours so we are not learning on your dime.
  7. Easier and faster to consummate a service agreement, own operate arrangement or other relationship.
  8. Sensitivity to your water treatment purification requirements and full understanding throughout our organization of the specifics of your needs.
  9. Prompt response anytime, day or night.