Industrial Water Services
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Industrial Water FAQs

How can I calculate the flow rate of water?

Calculating the flow rate of water is an important step in determining which type of industrial water treatment system is right for your company. To calculate the flow rate of water, all you need to know is the diameter of the pipe through which the water will flow and the velocity with which the water will be flowing through the pipe. These numbers can easily be plugged into the following formula to determine the flow rate: V = 0.408 * Q/D2. Here, V = velocity of water, where Q = flow rate and D = pipe diameter.

How to dechlorinate water?

Water can be dechlorinated through three different methods: adsorption dechlorination, chemical dechlorination, and ultraviolet dechlorination. Dechlorination is necessary in order to prevent chlorine in source water from altering the chemical balance in manufacturing processes, oxidizing and corroding equipment, and fouling filtration membranes.

How to get pure water for industrial use?

Getting pure water for use in industrial processes involves stripping source water of all contaminants, dissolved solids, and gasses. Depending on the level of purity required, pure water for industrial use can be achieved through the use of an industrial water purifier or an ultrapure water system.

How to treat process water?

Source water often goes through a series of filtration and purification systems in a series, on its way to become process water. Process water can be used for a multitude of industrial and manufacturing purposes, such as coating and plating, boiler make-up water, rinsing and spraying.

How does activated carbon filter water?

Activated carbon utilizes the process of adsorption to filter out contaminants from source water. When water flows through an activated carbon filter, the dissolved solids and contaminants are trapped inside, where they’re stuck to the carbon granules.