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Ultraviolet Water Purification Systems

Ultraviolet Water Purification System

Ultraviolet water purification systems utilize UV light in the 250-270 nm range to disinfect water. Most UV purification systems today operate at 254 nm. UV light at this wavelength is able to penetrate the cells of microorganisms and alter their DNA so that they can no longer reproduce, rendering them harmless. When a microorganism is unable to reproduce, it is unable to infect any other organisms it may come into contact with.

WaterProfessionals® is a leading supplier of commercial and industrial ultraviolet water purification systems (a.k.a. UV Water Purification Systems). We are experts in ultraviolet disinfection, and can create a custom UV water treatment system to meet your purification needs.

For UV disinfection to work, water must often be pretreated prior to being disinfected with a UV system. Turbidity, color or organics in water may interfere with the rays of the UV light and shield microorganisms from exposure. For class A point of use (POU) and point of entry (POE) disinfection, the ANSI and NSF require that clear water receive a dose of 38 mWs/cm2 (38 milliwatt seconds per square centimeter) of UV light.

Detailed information on the ultraviolet water purification process and how UV light sterilizes water is available here.

UV water purification is a cost-effective method of disinfecting source water, and ultraviolet water purification systems are commonly used in the following industries: dairy, pharmaceutical, agriculture, medical, cosmetics, bottled water, food, laboratory, and more.

Benefits of UV disinfection include:

WaterProfessionals® have expert water treatment design and engineering staff to assist you in evaluating appropriate technologies to achieve your needs with a fully customized purification system. This usually begins with a thorough water analysis, an understanding of the final water quality required and operating parameters (e.g. flow, temperature, pressure, discharge limitations, etc.).

Staffed with knowledgeable and experienced water purification system engineers, we are ready to consult, or develop custom solutions, on projects requiring custom or innovative water purifying options. No matter what your system specifications may be, WaterProfessionals® is equipped with leading edge technologies to design, deliver and maintain advanced customized purification systems.

Need UV disinfection? WaterProfessionals® will help you incorporate an industrial ultraviolet water purification system into your existing water treatment process. We offer water purification systems capable of high flow commercial UV water treatment, and specifically designed to eliminate 99.99% of bacteria, molds, algae, viruses and protozoan cysts. Contact us today to receive a free quote!