Industrial Water Services
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Sophisticated Water Purification Process

The 21st century demands extremely advanced water purification process technology to meet the increasing needs of both the public and the private sector. Fortunately the scientific community has kept pace with those demands, and every day professional engineers are involved in the innovative design, installation, management, and operation of complex water purification services throughout the world.

A Variety of Water Purification Applications

Some water purification experts perform emergency water purification procedures using high-tech but quickly and efficiently portable systems. These include the temporary but urgent filtration and purification of water in places where safe drinking water has been contaminated, or where normal water supply infrastructure has been destroyed – such as in the wake of a natural disaster. Others work to recycle water for governments and municipalities, to help preserve this valuable and diminishing natural resource and lower the cost of water to the general public.

Specialized Water Purification Systems

Then there are many experts who provide a variety of services, such as specialized reverse osmosis of water that is used in specific applications such as those employed within the drug manufacturing or health care sectors. Many hospitals or pharmaceutical companies have to use ultra-pure water which is inspected, tested, and certified by the FDA and other regulatory agencies. Producing water that meets these demanding laboratory standards requires not just state-of-the-art water filtration but also adherence to consistently verifiable metrics and scientific criteria.

In other cases, such as those related to certain manufacturing processes, water professionals will oversee the reclaimation of valuable chemicals from industrial wastewater. Then there are unique applications of water purification such as those deployed by the military that have to guarantee that on-site water filtration systems can be totally self-contained, independent, and backed up by secondary health and safety contingency protocols.

Various Water Purification System Services

Ultrapure water treatment, for instance, filters out suspended solids, organic carbon, dissolved gases, and biological organisms like harmful bacteria and viruses. Other systems ensure that hazardous materials like copper or lead don’t enter our rivers and reservoirs through wastewater.

So those who perform water purification services – whether as consultants, on-site water engineers, or managers of water systems and technological infrastructure – use a number of different processes and methods. To accomplish their goals they take advantage of such processes as reverse osmosis, portable water purification, UV water purification, and ozone water purification.

With the help of highly-trained and educated water purification system engineers, it is possible to create water filtration and chemical purification solutions to address practically any water purification problem. Once a system has been built, of course, these experts also needed to constantly monitor and adjust the water purification system specifications to ensure safe, optimal results.