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Process Water Treatment Technology

Process Water Concerns ChartManufacturers know that municipal and ground water supplies are not suitable for many processes in manufacturing facilities. Manufacturers have substantial investments in equipment ranging across a very wide variety of operations including: rinsing, milling, coating systems, plating, spraying, washing, etc.

Untreated water can contain high levels of minerals, sediment, etc. that make this water poor for manufacturing use. Those dissolved solids and minerals play havoc with equipment and often negatively affect quality of the finished products.

Industrial water treatment modifies the water so that it can be safely used for manufacturing processes, and this water is referred to as "process water," as it is now suitable for the given use. Which type of modification or filtration does the water require? It depends on the compounds found in the water, as well as the specific manufacturing use.

Industrial Water Satisfaction ChartA survey was recently conducted to determine answers to important questions about industrial process water concerns. These findings are summarized below. The pie charts on this webpage help illustrate the opinions that those working in industrial settings have about their industrial process water.

Only 38% of manufacturers reported that they were "extremely" or "very" satisfied, leaving a full 62% on the other side that report that they need some substantial help with their process water.

The problems created by improperly controlled processed water have a huge effect on the cost of maintenance and the ability to maintain critical process control.

Process Water Challenges ChartIn addition, contaminated water must be properly treated and reused to avoid the ever-increasing costs of "throwing good water away" just because it has been used.

A well-designed waste water treatment system that will deal well with this effluent, is highly recommended. The experts at WaterProfessionals® have the credentials and the experience to tackle this requirement.

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