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Case Study of Phys/Chem Wastewater Treatment Plant

Outsourced Physical / Chemical Wastewater Treatment Plant

An international manufacturer of welding wire proposed to relocate a plant from the Midwest to South Carolina. Wastewater from pickling and plating operations required pretreatment prior to discharge to the public sewer due to very low pH (< 2.0) and high copper levels. Management found themselves running over budget for constructing the new facility and also lacked enthusiasm for running and maintaining another phys/chem waste plant. WaterProfessionals® was invited to quote a waste treatment plant based on waste characteristics in existing plant.

WaterProfessionals®' first step was to conduct a treatability study of wastewater from the old plant which served as basis for design. At management's request, a quote was submitted for capital purchase as well as an own-operate agreement. Management decided they didn't want to be in the wastewater treatment business at the new plant and chose the latter. This choice also eliminated the need for capital investment.

WaterProfessionals® obtained necessary permits, constructed a 40' by 80' building, installed a 30 gallons per minute waste treatment system and hired two full time licensed operators to run the plant. State-of-the-art monitoring, control and data logging capabilities integrated with sophisticated remote monitoring via the web assure total EPA compliance 24/7. WaterProfessionals® collect samples and coordinate with EPA- listed outside lab for required analyses and prepare and submit reports per local and state statutes. Management is relieved of these regulatory burdens.

In addition to eliminating any upfront capital cost, plant management have zero involvement in waste plant operations and can concentrate 100% on manufacturing core products.

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