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High Purity Water Treatment: RO/DI-35 gpm

Category: Process
Need: Deionized Water
Customer: Fortune 100 Aerospace Manufacturer
Challenge: Reduce cost for demineralizing 35 gpm of municipal water; eliminate role of plant personnel in operating system

Project engineer in intensely competitive industry sought an alternative to service deionization (SDI) provided by an off-site vendor. The existing system required plant personnel to monitor water quality and manually switch "banks" of SDI tanks upon exhaustion. Reduction in force was making it increasingly difficult for the customer to operate and maintain the current system. The engineer chose to outsource the high purity water treatment.

The WaterProfessionals® design, build, deliver, install, own and operate the system to deliver 35 gpm of 12 megohm-cm quality water, 24/7. The customer makes no capital investment, realizes immediate savings and eliminates all involvement of plant personnel in water treatment.