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Wastewater Recycle System

Wastewater Recycle System Recovers 84 Million Gallons of Water Annually for Luxury Automobile Manufacturer

New Waste Water Treatment Plant (WWTP)

WaterProfessionals® has recently completed construction of a continuous flow wastewater recycle plant at a prestigious German automobile manufacturing facility. Already in use, the new wastewater recycle plant is designed to replace the German company’s current "batch" wastewater treatment plant which treats the company’s painting process waste. The former batch design required constant employee oversight and supervision.

WaterProfessionals® designed and built the new continuous-flow plant to treat 300 gallons per minute (gpm) twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week requiring substantially fewer dedicated man hours. WaterProfessionals®' state-of-the-art system (which includes more than $1.6 million in electronic controls instrumentation) features a cutting edge high purity water system in the physical-chemical process design.

This new high purity water design produces 225 gallons per minute (gpm) of low silica and low conductivity water to the integrated paint process (IPP). Interestingly, the waste plant must have storage and treatment capability to rapidly treat 200,000 gallons of highly acidic "boil out" waste generated twice annually during plant shutdowns and clean up.

Recycle/Reuse system - WWTP

As part of this wastewater treatment system mentioned above, WaterProfessionals® proposed, designed and constructed a wastewater recycle / reclaim system that will recover as many as 84-million gallons of water each year. The manufacturer has previously purchased this water, used it in their processes and discharged it to municipal sewer systems.

WaterProfessionals® provides turnkey waste water treatment plants and provides; Design, Engineering, Installation and Start-Up of these systems. Our systems are built to meet design specifications in all regards. In the case study above the waste reclaim / recycling system has a payback to the customer of less than one calendar year.