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Water Usage Reduction and Increased Performance

Category: Process
Need: Water Reduction
Customer: PVC Extrusion Plant
Challenge: Reduce water requirements and increase performance

A large PVC extrusion plant in Tennessee was using a large amount of water from both ground wells and municipal. In addition to using softeners for the ground well water for many of their water systems, the plant also used acid to allow increased cycles in their cooling tower. The mild steel corrosion rates on their cooling tower were 17 MPY (mils per year) and many of their chilled water systems also had corrosion rates above 10 MPY and biological fouling. Their cooling efficiencies and capacities were greatly reduced causing reduced production and an increase in off-quality product.

WaterProfessionals® conducted a Water Usage Reduction Study at this facility and supplied a report proposing many ways to reduce water requirements and increase performance from the plant's existing systems. In addition to reducing water usage, the plant was able to maintain the quality of their water using microfiltration systems.

After implementing our recommendations, the plant's mild steel corrosion rates decreased to less than 2 MPY while production rates have increased by 23%. In addition, the plant has seen an 11% increase in product quality due to improved cooling tower treatment. Lastly, the plant's overall water usage was reduced by 43%.