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Water and Energy Reduction

Category: Process
Need: Water and Energy Reduction
Customer: Textile and Coatings Plant
Challenge: Reduce water and water/steam related energy usage

A large textile and coatings plant in Tennessee was using large amounts of water in order to meet their production needs. The facility contacted WaterProfessionals® to conduct a Water and Energy Reduction Study. Following a three day study of the plant's entire water and steam system, a report was issued detailing specific recommendations on how best to reduce water and water/steam related energy usage both immediately and long term.

The plant's softeners and dealkalizers were upgraded along with the deaerator and condensate return tanks. The water clarification and distribution system was also redesigned to better match their present water demands. Lastly, the boiler chemical treatment program and chemical control equipment was replaced which allowed an increase in boiler cycles and a decrease in both water and energy consumption.

After following all of the recommendations, the plant realized a 37% reduction in water usage and a 24% reduction in energy usage (electric and natural gas).