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Reverse Osmosis-250 gpm

Category: Process
Need: Deionized Water
Customer: Fortune 100 Primary Metals Manufacturer
Challenge: Reduce cost for demineralizing 250 gpm of municipal water

The Superintendent of a rolling mill is faced with intense pressure to reduce manufacturing costs. He has no budgeted money for capital improvements and is unlikely to get any approved in the current budget cycle. The WaterProfessionals® help him evaluate his deionized water specifications for service deionization (SDI) provided by an off-site vendor.

An alternative technology is evaluated and found to produce water acceptable for the process. Equipment is purchased using a tax-friendly lease with an option to purchase. The WaterProfessionals® provide routine and emergency service under a 10 year maintenance contract to assure uninterrupted production of 250 gpm of demineralized 24/7. The Superintendent realized an immediate, significant monthly savings.