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Cooling Water-55 gpm

Category: Process
Need: Deionized Water
Customer: Metals Manufacturer
Challenge: Reduce cost for demineralizing 55 gpm of municipal water; eliminate movement of mobile service deionization trailers into and out of the plant.

Innovation and intense cost cutting has been the mantra of this industry leader. Management is now looking to “save nickels and dimes”. A vendor is providing mobile, off-site service deionization (SDI). In addition to cost savings, the project engineer seeks to reduce problems associated with movement of the mobile SDI trailers in and out of the operating area. The WaterProfessionals® demonstrate how a semi-permanent, trailer-mounted alternate technology meets the flow and quality requirements. The engineer elects to outsource this service.

The WaterProfessionals® design, build, deliver, install, own and operate the system. The customer makes no capital investment, realizes immediate savings and eliminates the bothersome movement of trailers in and out.