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Package Duplexed Two Bed Demineralizers – 450 GPM

The mechanical contractor for a new utilities building on the Amherst Campus of the University of Massachusetts selects the WaterProfessionals® to furnish custom engineered duplexed two-bed demineralizers to provide pre-treatment for their new boilers. In addition to several unique requirements, the system must be engineered and designed to allow either anion to be on-line with either cation. Time is of the essence since the vendor winning the bid defaulted nearly three months after being awarded the contract.

The contractor would face onerous penalties for each day the plant start-up was delayed beyond the specified completion date. The WaterProfessionals® generate submittals of systems meeting the specifications within two weeks after receipt of order and provide delivery of the entire system, including PLC, day tanks, ASME code vessels and stainless steel facepiping within 13 weeks. To prevent the imposition of severe monetary penalties, the WaterProfessionals® provide mobile deionization trailers for 10 weeks to enable commissioning of the plant and operation until installation and start-up of the permanent demineralizers.